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PregnancyEase is here to support you and those who are experiencing or have experienced trials and tribulations related to pregnancy concerns. I am here to help you explore options that help you develop a holistic approach to reduce your stress. This stress can be related to past, present, or future concerns. PregnancyEase is not a substitute for medical, mental, legal, or financial advice from a licensed professional. Most of the information provided I have found helpful in my own life. Since everyone's situation is unique, the journey to health and wellness will be just as unique. 

No matter what you are facing, have faith, continue to believe that there is hope and joy on the other side. You can experience this, I know because I have been there.


Everyone's pregnancy hopes and dreams are different and can change over time. Some decide not to have children. Unfortunately, family or friends don't always accept that decision. They can be persistent with frequent questions or comments. This can create feelings of shame, anger, and frustration.  

Others decide to start a family.  There can be physical and/or emotional reasons that interfere. You see your biological clock ticking, which creates a sense of urgency and stress. You research options to help with conception, some costly and not 100% guaranteed. Knowing that reducing stress is helpful with conceiving, but how do you start with so many worries? This results in you feeling stressed about being stressed, a vicious cycle that can be stopped.

With a planned pregnancy or adoption other fears and insecurities can arise. You may have many concerns.  Am I ready? Will I be a good parent? Should I stay home or return to work? Will I need to move? Even with the best planning, you can be concerned and worry about the future. 

An unplanned pregnancy can be different. The an unplanned pregnancy, for some, can be a shock. There are many concerns creating additional stress. You may ask yourself  if you and your partner are ready? Should you get married? If you are single, can you raise this baby alone?  You may contemplate giving up the baby for adoption or terminating the pregnancy.  What is most important is to get control of your emotions. It is possible to de-stress and lessen the emotional charge. It is best to make decisions when you are calm and not fearful. 

There are those who are excited about the news of expecting a child. You are bonding with the precious baby, soon you are hearing the heart beat, feeling movement, and seeing your baby on a sonogram. You have all the dreams of welcoming this little one into your life. You are so happy planning the nursery and picking out a name. In a split second everything can change, you may hear of problems with the baby's development and the risk of a miscarriage or stillbirth. Life seems to move in a downward uncontrollable spiral. You need help in making sense of what is happening so you can feel in control. 

During these times we have many thoughts and concerns. These thoughts create our emotions. Some warm and wonderful, some of uncertainty and fear.  Unfortunately, it can be a challenge to control those thoughts. Research studies show the negative affect of elevated stress on babies. One study sited  "...prenatal stress can have persistent effects on behavioral, physiological and immunological functioning throughout the lifespan and may even be evident across generations." Controlling our stress response is vital to reducing cortisol levels. This can minimize the risk of stress related illness for ourselves and our baby.  

Today, we are dealing with problems that were not in our world a few years ago, which are difficult to avoid.  Do you try to take 1-2 vacations a year to relax, but still find  you are still stressed and overwhelmed? What you need are ways to reduce your stress daily. The good news is PregnancyEase offers you several options that can help. If you take advantage of a few strategies  presented and make them part of your daily life, you can experience more positive emotions. Just imagine a more successful and happier life.  You deserve it and can have it. With new tools you will find a sense of peace and a restored love for life. You will sleep better, have more energy, laugh more, and have better relationships. You will be able to handle what comes your way with more confidence and grace.

Many topics and information appear on this site because there are different solutions for different problems. When we are out of balance due to stress, we feel unsettled, unhappy, and restless. It is important to take an honest assessment of all areas in your life and make some changes. We don't have to be perfect, just be willing to grow and take one step at a time. Be guided by what feels right, and focus on one area at a time. Transforming into a happier and more peaceful person that loves life, comes in small steps!

Healing and transformation take time. Be kind to yourself and others. On your journey, be patient and forgiving. Celebrate every step no matter how small and enjoy the process knowing that the future can and will be better!

Warmest Regards,


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