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Stephanie Z - Pittsburgh, PA

"I am so thankful for all of Renee's hel​​p and support during my pregnancy. I have learned many new skills to deal with daily stress. She made me feel very calm, relaxed, & confident. I am looking forward to delivery and I know I can do this."

Ann B - Apollo, PA

"I have worked with Renee over the loss of my daughter. From the work we have done, I have experienced relief from my memories of her passing and from the hospital. Lately, I find myself smiling and laughing during the day which hasn't happen in a long time."

Catherine S - Pittsburgh, PA

"I have been a personal friend of Renee's for many years. She is a healer at heart. She has personally helped me overcome many traumatic life events by sharing generously with her many healing modalities. When you put yourself in her care, I can guarantee that you will be well-cared for and safe. Be wise and take advantage of her unique healing talents."

Sheryl B- Damascus, PA

"For years I've known Renee. Her strength, compassion, honest and values help fortify many people's lives. Hidden behind a very solid human being is also her very rare gifts of intuition which give insights beyond most awareness others could know alone. She's always been a tremendous help to me. "

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